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This instrument bears a fake Stradivari label inside, and it is rather a mass-produced instrument from the early 20th century, probably from Germany or Czech Republic (old Saxony-Bohemia regions). The British vendor Murdoch & Co. was a retailer company that is mostly well known for the "Maidstone Movement" - an initiative to bring inexpensive violins to working-class students. It is made with spruce top, and maple back, ribs, neck and scroll. The pegs, nut, fingerboard, tailpiece and chinrest are probably made of ebony. The strings are missing. There is also a bow, probably made of Pernambuco wood, which has an ivory head plate and tension screw button. The frog of the bow is made of ebony and has a mother-of-pearl eye, and inlay, and a nickel-silver ferrule. The bow grip is covered with red tape.

  • Measurements:Length: 600mm; Body height: 350mm; Body width: 212mm