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Echo cornet

The echo cornet is a duplex instrument, which means that it embodies the characteristics of two different instruments, and the player can choose freely between them. In this case, the cornet is supplied with a fourth piston and a second bell that tappers inversely, as compared with the main bell, thus producing a muted tone. The player could then choose between an "open" or a muted tone almost instantaneously, without having to recur to a separate mute. This example is made entirely of silver-plated brass, having three top-sprung piston valves, with coiled springs and metal pin guides, and cork bumpers. The shorter fourth piston valve activates the muted bell, and it is bottom-sprung with a metal guide pin on bottom of piston. The second bell attachment can be disassembled through a ligature screw ferrule joint with a heart-shaped screw head. There is a water-key on the leadpipe bow. The instrument is accompanied by an extra tuning slide for the third valve, two extra straight tuning bits, a lyre stand, and three silver plated mouthpieces. Nominal pitch: B-flat.

  • Culture:
  • Period:
  • Materials:
  • Specific materials/techniques:
  • Decorative elements:Engravings on bell flare with flowers and foliage.
  • Inscriptions:Engraved on bell: [Royal Coat of Arms plate] / 25 / [two award medals: side face and wreath] / OF / HONOUR / [FB monogram] / F. BESSON / BREVET√ČE / 198. EUSTON ROAD / LONDON / [star]|Stamped on 2nd valve casing: F. BESSON / [star] / BREVETEE / 11169; Stamped on mechanisms: 9 8 7; Stamped on mouthpiece receiver: 2|Stamped on mouthpiece: CHAPPELL / 50, NEW BOND ST. / LONDON|Stamped on mouthpiece: 3 / BOOSEY & Co. LONDON|Stamped on mouthpiece: KOSIKUP / REGd. / 1 1/2 (and) B & H 1036 S / MADE IN ENGLAND|Stamped on lyre: F. BESSON / BREVET√ČE
  • Hornbostel-Sachs category:423.232.11 Valve horns with narrow bore, with short air column (less than 2 m)
  • Repository:Museum of Army Music
  • Measurements:Length: 335mm; Height: 180mm; Bell diameter: 119mm; Sounding length: 1205mm; Tuning bit assembled: 88mm; Tuning bit: 170mm; Tuning bit: 160mm