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Hurdy-Gurdy or Vielle a Roue, anon. Late 18th century, stamped 'Raffoni' or possibly 'AFFOULE' (probably a dealer's mark). Lute shaped body with nine laminations, two playing strings, four sounding strings. Head carved to represent a man wearing wearing a hat. Inlaid corners with ebony and ivory. 'Hurdy-Gurdy by Joseph Gaffino who died in Paris in 1787. Lute shaped body with 9 laminations, inlaid corners of ebony and ivory and the head carved to represent a man wearing a cap. Two chanterelles, four drones, four wire sumpathetic strings and twenty-three keys. Bought September 1935, Cirencester Hurdy Gurdy £7' (M. Jessup).

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  • Repository:National Trust, Snowshill Manor