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Spike fiddle; sihu

Sihu, spike fiddle, with bow. Wood, carved with lavish decoration, lacquered and gilded. The body consists of a small wooden hexagonal cylinder through which the spike passes. The front is covered with a snakeskin membrane, while the back has openwork gilt carving representing three human figures, over a fretwork panel. The faces of the hexagon are carved in relief with representations of animals, probably a cat, dog, phoenix, goat and cow, on a green ground. The neck is of square section, with carved decoration of clouds and bats. It bisects the resonator, emerging as the string-holder at the distal end where the strings are tied through a small hole. Four pegs enter from the rear, carved with sprays of blossom. The finial, a separate piece of wood inserted into the top of the spike, takes the form of a group of figures representing the poet Li Bai, drunk and supported by his attendants. Replacement bridge. The bow (1975.510a) has a double tier of hair, each one engaging with one pair of strings, supported in a hack-saw shaped stick. The bow is lacquered black with gilt decoration.

  • Measurements:overall: 755 x 82 x 145 mm