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Cylindrical drum; okedo; stand; beaters (elements of musical instruments)

Okedo, double membrane cylindrical drum. The cylindrical shell formed from ten staves of light coloured Japanese cedar wood (Cupressus japonica), coopered together and varnished. Plaited hoops of cane bark encircle the shell near each end. The membranes of cowhide overlap the rims and each has a string folded into the edge to form a concealed hoop. Rope lacing is looped around the hoops, passing through holes in the membranes. The lacing forms an elaborately knotted band at the central point of the body, which has a further length of rope wrapped around the outside. The stand angles the drum at approximately 45 degrees, and is constructed from three pieces of wood. The front face of the stand is shaped at the bottom to form two feet and has a concave upper edge to accommodate the curve of the shell. A narrower piece of wood extends from the back of this face at right angles and connects to a rear foot, which is positioned adjacent to the lower membrane. The drum has two sticks of light coloured camphor or ho wood (Cinnamomum camphora).

  • Measurements:overall: 15.1575 x 11.0236 x 8.8976 in.; 385 x 280 x 226 mm