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Oberheim four voice analogue synthesizer. The instrument is housed in an integral wooden case with black vinyl coating. The four octave keyboard has 49 plastic keys (C-C). To the left is a control panel with two modules for the polyphonic keyboard and synthesizer programmer. Above these and set at a shallow angle is another control panel for the output nd synthesizer expander modules. All control panels are of metal painted a cream colour and have dials, horizontal switches and square push buttons, some internally illuminated. The upper panel has five modules. The left labelled: 'OUTPUT MODULE' has four numbered pairs of dials marked: 'LEVEL' 'PAN', below are four one-inch output jacks marked: 'LEFT' 'PHONES' 'PHONES' 'RIGHT'. The other four upper panels are each marked: 'SYNTHESIZER EXPANDER MODULE'. Each has four compartments of dials labelled: 'VCO1' 'VCO2' 'ENV1' 'ENV2'. The panel to the left of the keyboard has two sections, the left labelled: 'POLYPHONIC SYNTHESIZER PROGRAMMER', which has the same controls as the expander modules as well as switches and selector buttons for eight memory functions. The right panel is labelled: 'POLYPHONIC KEYBOARD', and has three sections: 'MODE' 'PORTAMENTO' 'TUNE'. The synthesizer has a detachable lid.

  • Measurements:overall: 340 x 1062 x 526 mm