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Haotong; trumpet

Haotong, telescopic end-blown trumpet, made before 1870. Conical brass trumpet in two joints, made of sheet metal with seams visible on the inside surfaces. The upper joint terminates at the proximal end in an integral mouthpiece with a very wide, flat lip and a shallow cup. A hide ring, slightly narrower than the mouthpiece rim, encircles the pipe below the mouthpiece. The lower joint slides over the lower end of the upper joint where it is held by inertia. The upper part of the joint continues the conical profile of the upper joint, and is encircled by an oval boss near the top. The lower section of the joint consists of a long bell with sides that are almost parallel. It is made in two sections, joined at a ferrule half way down. Another ferrule encircles the bell rim.

  • Measurements:overall: 953 x 100 mm