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Buben, single membrane frame drum. The shell is constructed from two strips of wood formed into tightly fitting concentric circles. These are reinforced by wooden hoops around the outside of the lower rim and the inside of the upper rim. The skin is encircled by a metal counterhoop around the upper rim. The tension on the skin is adjusted by five screw rods hooked over the counterhoop that pass through holes in brackets attached to the inside of the lower rim. Pairs of brass jingles are positioned in slots in the frame in four places. These slots are roughly rectangular with rounded corners. The frame is also pierced by a round thumbhole. Six small bells with clappers are positioned around the inside surface. The stick is a single piece of wood, turned on a lathe. Its central section is slightly bulbous in the middle and its ends are rounded heads. Five decorative lateral groves are cut into the narrow ends of the handle.

  • Measurements:overall: 70 x 325 mm