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A miniature virginals with a single keyboard. True inner-outer case construction. Compass F,G, A to f2 (35 keys). Although there are 35 keys, there are spaces for only 33 jacks and strings. The g1-sharp and e2-flat keys have no associated strings or jacks. The natural keys are ivory and decorated with red arabesques. The dark coloured accidentals are decorated with gold arabesques. One rose, triangular in shape with the left side concave-shaped. The centre is layered, in the manner of wedding cake roses, with delicate tracery of paper and veneer. The soundboard is decorated with painted flowers and dark blue borders. The instrument itself and the interior of the outer case are gilded on all surfaces and painted with fruits and flowers and colourful border patterns. The exterior of the outer case is upholstered in the form of a velvet-covered cushion, consisting of two halves hinged together. Motto painted in black on the jackrail: SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI MDLXXV

  • Measurements:overall: 70 x 438 x 175 mm