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Archlute adapted from a tenor lute, labelled: '1609' (ink) '/IN PADOVA VVendelio Venere'. The body is made up of narrow ribs of yew with a yew lace. Belly of pine with inlaid ivory heart below the bridge. The pierced and carved rose incorporates crowned double-headed eagle. Two frets are now set into the belly. Back of the main neck made up of narrow strips of ebony and bone, the back of the upper neck is ebony with double ivory stringing around the edges. The upper neck is decorated with an inlaid lozenge of ivory. The two peg boxes and the upper neck are later additions, probably made by Arnold Dolmetsch. Fingered strings - 6 double courses and two single. Bourdons - 8, attached to upper pegbox. Inside of belly lined with strips of printed paper. Some damage to the back. There is evidence that at some point the strings have been attached to pins at the tail.

  • Measurements:overall: 1320 x 360 x 170 mm