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Clavichord, unfretted, double-strung throughout. The keyboard covers five octaves, chromatic, F1-F6 (FF-f3), 61 notes. The lowest 12 notes FF-E on the bass-most portion of the bridge are close-wound with copper/red brass; the material of the core is not visible. There are 9 notes on the middle bridge from F-c sharp, the strings made of brass or red brass. The rest of the strings cross the treble-most bridge section and are of steel. The key levers are probably lime wood. The natural keys, veneered with ebony, with gilded arcading and the accidentals of a black wood capped with ivory. Soundboard of coniferous wood with three beech bridges. Oak case and brass strap hinges. The clavichord has a separate wooden stand with four turned legs. The name board bears the inscription: ARNOLD DOLMETSCH between two starburst motifs.

  • Measurements:overall: 1741 mm x 508 mm x 153 mm