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Whistle; duct flute

Whistle, duct flute, used for hunting. The conical body of ivory is evenly curved along its length into an almost semicircular shape. The narrow, distal end is stopped inside the tube. The wide end has a beaked mouthpiece. An ivory block inside the beak is secured by ivory pins which have circular recessed heads at each side. The mouth hole and duct are cresent shaped. The proximal edge and the two sides of the mouth or window are straight, with the sides flaring outwards slightly towards the distal end. The lower edge is angled to form a chamfer. The rim where the lower edge meets the inner bore has a small semi-circle cut from its centre. Two silver rings encircle the instrument. Each has an eye on the inside edge of the curve, to which is attached a small metal ring for the suspension of a braided carrying strap.

  • Measurements: overall: 225 x 112 x 24 mm