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Five-course baroque guitar with vaulted back; much altered. Front two-piece, book-matched, of ?ne to medium grain, edged with black lines. Soundhole with bevelled edges and narrow ring of bone, surrounded by collar of diamonds in bone set in black mastic between two lines of purfling; remnants of card/paper rose under rim. Moustaches from an earlier, but not original, bridge: carved leaves, once stained black; the present six-stringed bridge of rosewood, from a later stage. Dark wood inlays at both ends of the front. Ribs of alternate ebony strips and bone lines, the top strip roughly double the width of the others; nine strips at the deepest point of the sides. Fluted back of 37 strips, concave in cross-section, with bone lines between; the strips were hollowed after assembly and are thickest at the joints. Turned ivory end-pin. Neck and peghead veneered in marquetry, with arabesque ornament. Fingerboard has later geometric ivory and ebony panels flanked by disc and lozenge side strips with purfling and bone edging.

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  • Repository:Royal College of Music Museum
  • Measurements:Length: 874mm. Width: 256mm.