The project group

Steering Group

MINIM-UK has been led by the Royal College of Music, in a core Steering Group of representatives from four UK institutions holding musical instrument collections.

Royal College of Music Royal Academy of Music Horniman Museum and Gardens Musical Instrument Museums Edinburgh
Kevin Porter, Deputy Director
Richard Wistreich, Director of Research
Mark Soole, former Head of ICT
Gabriele Rossi Rognoni, Curator of Royal College of Music Museum
Richard Martin, Research Associate
Ana Sofia Silva, MINIM-UK Cataloguer
Matthew Hill, MINIM-UK Cataloguer
Joanna Tapp, former Museum Curator
Andrew Neilson, Collections Care Officer
Tim Jones, Deputy Principal
Margaret Birley, Keeper of Musical Instruments
Mimi Waitzman, Deputy Keeper of Musical Instruments
Amy Graves, Documentation Officer
Jonathan Whitson-Cloud, Documentation Manager
Rupert Shepherd, former Documentation Manager
Darryl Martin, former Curator, Collection of Historic Musical Instruments
Jenny Nex, Curator, Collection of Historic Musical Instruments
External Advisory Group

MINIM-UK has also been supported by expertise?from the following external advisors.

James Davis, former Programme Manager

Bill Sherman, former Director of Research
Nicola Froggatt, Research Grants Manager

Tim Boon, Director of Research

Nicolas Gold, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science

Frank Bär, Curator of Musical Instruments

Rodolphe Bailly, Deputy Director of Resources Center

Arnold Myers, Senior Research Fellow, RCS; Professor Emeritus, University of Edinburgh


The project thanks the following for additional advice and support.

Photography consultant

Web design and development

Database development

Alex Tweedie, FreshSyntax