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Amulet (omamori) (a) in the form of a tortoise with a white synthetic loop on one shoulder to which are attached a white plaited cord (used to attache the amulet in use), a golden plaque in the shape of ancient Japanese coins (with written data: place names, Amanohashidate and Monju-do, and amuletic functions, for safe travel) and a bell. The tortoise is made of Kyoto chirimen silk, yellow for the belly and head, tie-dyed motif of green and white for the shell, and grey felt for the paws. Five long orange strands form the tail and two black beads the eyes. The amulet is sold mounted on a card (b) which is printed with the names for Monju-do and Chie-ji and added information on the specific function of this amulet and an entreaty to go slowly and at a leisurely care-free pace.

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    British Museum
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  • Repository:British Museum