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body: a 5-faceted tube of ebony carved from a block with a hook for end-gut; it carries on into the neck 2/3 of the way along the fingerboard. Belly: a curved piece of pine, 2 notched c-holes (46mm), a heart-shaped hole with a small circular hole above it pierced just below the fingerboard. No purfling, but a black line all round. Varnish yellow. Bridge modern. Fingerboard: ebony, cut in a wedge, very short; tailpiece ebony with pearl lozenge inlaid and a 2-hole tie. No soundpost or bass-bar; the rest of neck and pegbox in sycamore. Pegbox: flat at back; 4 ebony pegs. Head: ebony, pegged, glued to the pegbox in the form of a female head. Length 410, belly 255, greatest width 38

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  • Repository:Royal Northern College of Music