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Technical description: Soundboard of cypress or slab sawn pine; pegs of boxwood; neck, fingerboard, body, tailpiece of ebony. The sound-holes are C-shaped, with little nicks halfway along their length. There is a small, wide heart-shaped hole on the soundboard 10mm below the bottom of the fingerboard overhang, the maker's name is stamped below it. There is a soundpost (or soundboard support) at the centre of the c-holes, 2 thick and 6 wide. The soundboard has dipped where the bridge sits due to the tension. Ebony purfling around soundboard. The body is carved from one piece of wood, the inside of the instrument forms a smooth curve, the back is carved to simulate 5 ribs. The neck and head appear to be part of the same piece of wood. The fingerboard is hollow underneath, glued on only at the sides, and it appears that the neck is also hollow, probably to reduce weight. Neck length 84; fingerboard length 120.5, width at nut 21.7, at bottom 30.0.

  • Measurements:410