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Technical description: Soundboard of spruce; ribs, back, neck (not original) and head of sycamore; fingerboard, tailpiece (not original), pegs, tail-gut protector of ebony; endpin of rosewood. Soundboard of fairly wide grain, the grain is not completely straight near the bottom. Arch over soundboard 17mm. Plugged holes in the top and bottom. Ebony/sycamore/ebony purfling. Golden orange varnish, darker in colour under the fingerboard. Two piece back with very little figure. Back arch 15mm. Plugged holes at the top and bottom of the back. Modern neck and fingerboard. Neck has been grafted onto the head. Neck length 130; fingerboard length 262, width at nut 23.8, at bottom 43.1. Varnish has worn away where the chin rests against the soundboard. The head is made of several pieces, the scroll is of one piece, the pegbox is made up of two pieces of wood, but the varnish suggests they are all original. Repair History: The soundboard and back have been patched.

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