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Quarter-size violin.

Technical description: Soundboard of spruce; back, ribs, head and neck of sycamore; pegs, fingerboard, tailpiece, tail-gut protector and endpin of ebony. Arch of soundboard 12, of back 11. The instrument shows signs of much use. Brown varnish, thickly applied which has chipped away in places. one rib around all of lower bout. 1 piece unfigured back. Neck and head of one piece, lightly figured, 112 long; fingerboard 206 long, 20.3 wide at nut, 34.5 wide at bottom. Repair History: Evidence of repairs to the soundboard in a number of places.

  • Culture:
  • Period:
  • Materials:
  • Specific materials/techniques:
  • Decorative elements:
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  • Hornbostel-Sachs category:321.322-71
  • Repository:University of Edinburgh
  • Measurements:463