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Double flute flageolet. Nominal pitch: G (three-finger tonic).

Technical description: Boxwood; 8 sections; silver keys; silver cutter on right-hand pipe; ivory ferrules, mouthpiece and top caps; left-hand pipe has 5 finger-holes (top one containing ebony plug), and keys for D, F♯ (open-standing), F♮ and D♯; right-hand pipe has 3 finger-holes, and keys for C (thumb, with ebony plug in key-hole), B, F and low D (open-standing); 'New' (high) C key on lower part of head section (LH pipe), played with L0; two parallel pipes connected at top between caps; ivory mouthpiece at side of RH pipe; large vent-hole at foot of each pipe; lip operated cutter on RH pipe. Keymount type: ring/knob. Keyhead type: 5 flat square, notched and chamfered; 2 flat round, open-standing (for F♯ and low D); 2 saltspoon.

  • Measurements:586