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Technical description: Soundboard of spruce; ribs, back, neck and head of sycamore; fingerboard, tailpiece, pegs and tail-gut protector of ebony. Soundboard of medium to close grain, closest in the centre, widest at the middle of each side. Arching of soundboard 27mm. Marks show other bridge positions 3-4mm below the current position. Ebony/sycamore/ebony purfling on soundboard and back, the channel on the back has been poorly cut. Fine quality golden varnish. Two piece back, finely figured, rising from the centre to the edges. Arch of back 32mm. The neck has been re-set, there is a joint in the heel 83mm from the back. Neck length 267; fingerboard length 538, width at nut 28.1, at bottom 63.0. Finely figured neck and well cut scroll and volute. Repair History: Large number of repairs, including both of the lower bouts and many large soundboard cracks repaired. A couple of added patches of wood on the ribs, particularly on the treble lower bout.

  • Measurements:1202