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Technical description: Small instrument for a child. Top arch 19.5, Bottom arch 16.5. Spruce soundboard; sycamore ribs, back, neck, head; ebony fingerboard, tailpiece, pegs; rosewood endpin. Soundboard close - medium grained, closer towards the centre. Purfling 3 strips of sycamore, the outer strips being black stained. The f-holes have not been fully cut through at the top and bottom extremes. 6 ribs, medium to deep figure, down at the back up at front. 2 piece back with medium to deep figure, up at the centre, down at the edges. Purfling on the back same as on the front. The figuring on the neck and head is of equal quality to the ribs and back though the figure is closer. Fine quality volute and scroll. Fingerboard has been flattened under the bass string. Clear varnish. Neck length 234; fingerboard length 463, width at nut 27.7, at bottom 56.8, width of head behind nut 36.8. Repair History: Soundboard is coming loose at the top, a number of long cracks, all but one now repaired.

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