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Technical description: Soundboard of spruce; back, ribs, head and neck of sycamore; fingerboard, tailpiece, wedge, tail-gut protector of ebony; pegs and endpin of boxwood with ebony and mother-of-pearl inlay. The instrument has remained in its baroque form. Ebony/sycamore/ebony purfling. F-holes, the notch on the treble side lower than the bass. Golden varnish. Arch of soundboard 19mm. Lowest rib covers all of the lower bouts. Fine figure on the ribs and the two piece back, figure on back rising from the edges to the centre. Dark patch on the soundboard where the chin has rested on the varnish, and the varnish has come off the back where the shoulder rests against the instrument. Bach arch 16mm. Neck length 127; fingerboard 225 long, 24.9 wide at the nut, 41.2 wide at the bottom. Total width of the fingerboard and wedge at the side 4.2 at the nut, 12.1 at the end of the neck (measured at the side). Repair History: Appears that the soundboard and back has been re-jointed at some time. Repairs to the back of the head in the centre and in the centre of the back.

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