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Technical description: Soundboard of close grained spruce, bookmatched. Dendrochronological analysis of the soundboard shows that the last dated tree ring on the bass side is 1591, and on the treble side 1598. Finely cut rose, 102mm diameter, with carved border around it 5mm wide. The rose has been added into the soundboard rather than being carved directly into the wood.Bridge of stained hardwood, 169mm total length. Soundboard extends slightly onto the neck, and there are added ebony points protruding down onto the soundboard from the neck. The edge of the soundboard has a parchment lace around the edge, which covers an ebony edging, approximately 4mm wide. 41 ribs of yew, selected so that each of the ribs is half light and half dark. Ribs are concave. End clasp of three pieces of yew glued together. Strap holder on end of hardwood with an ivory dot in the centre. Neck veneered in ebony with ivory stringing. Head veneered in ebony with ivory stringing. Core material probably maple. Modern pegs of ebony with ivory dots. Fingerboard of ebony, 70.5mm wide at nut, 86.7mm wide at body join. Fingerboard slightly cambered over its width. Neck 273mm long. Repair History: The bridge is a replacement; the vellum edging of the sound-board is probably an early addition; the rose is probably of a later date than the soundboard. The fingerboard is almost certainly a replacement.

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