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Double flageolet. Nominal pitch: E♭ or E (three-finger tonic).

Technical description: Boxwood; 5 sections, including extension to low B on right-hand pipe; brass keys and 2 cutters; ivory and brass ferrules; ivory mouthpiece; left-hand pipe has 7 finger-holes (top one containing ebony plug, the lowest giving low C when covered), and keys for D, B♭, G♯, F and D♯; right-hand pipe has 4 finger-holes, and keys for C (thumb, with ebony plug in key-hole), B, G♯, F, D♯ and low B; high C key on head section above LH pipe, played by L1; two-part wind-cap. Keymount type: ring/knob. Keyhead type: flat octagonal and square, notched and chamfered; key for low B is open-standing.

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