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Bersag horn. Nominal pitch: B♭.

Technical description: Brass. Quick-change valve for octave change operated by rotating mouthpipe; single Périnet playing valve which lowers 4½-ft B♭ series of natural notes to 7-ft D series of natural notes, and lowers 9-ft B♭ series of natural notes to 12-ft F series of natural notes.Tubular receptacle of unknown purpose mounted above mouthpipe, length 39.6; bore at proximal end 12.1, at 20mm and at distal end 11.6, i.e. not matching instrument m.r.t. Finger loop on top of bell; ring for mouthpiece attachment chain. Valve type: Périnet valve, bottom sprung; alignment by key on piston; quick-change valve with Stölzel-type moving part in windway, this however is the mouthpipe which is rotated through 180° to operate valve.

  • Measurements:348; bell 96 - 107.