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Technical description: English bentside spinet. Compass 54notes G₁/B₁ - D₆ [GG/BB - d''']. Broken octave. Split keys C♯₁ and D♯₁ provide A₁, C♯₁, B₁, and D♯₁. Originally only 52notes (to C₆), two extra keys added in the treble circa 1720. Bottom key and original top key are signed T.A. The hexagonal shape of this spinet, halfway between the pentagonal and bentside spinet, is characteristic of the instruments of John Player. The stand with turned legs is original. The original inscription was presumably on the original jackrail. String length (plucking points): D₆ 125 (57), C₆ 141 (59), F₅ 222 (73), C₅ 284 (99), F₄ 440 (86), C₄ 564 (96), F₃ 796 (97), C₃ 949 (98), F₂ 1170 (102), C₂ 1281 (99), B₁/E♭₂ 1256 (101), A₁/C♯₂ 1218 (101), G₁/ B₁ 1302 (102). Repair History: Restored by Hugh Gough, and by Robert Goble & Son in 1967, with further restoration by Richard Clayson and Andrew Garrett.

  • Measurements:1467