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Chamber organ.

Technical description: English chamber organ. Compass 54notes, G₁/B₁ - E₆ [GG - e'''], English short octave. When depressed the composition pedal to the sliders takes off all ranks except the stopped diapason 8-ft. Specification:-Stopped 8-ft, 4-ft, 2-ft, 2-ft, open 8-ft (from C₄).Left: twelfth.Left: stop diapason.Left: open diapason.Right: fifteenth.Right: principal. Repair History: Restored by Noel Mander, 1967. An electric blower was fitted in 1967, the original back bellows being retained as a reservoir.

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  • Hornbostel-Sachs category:421.222.11+421.222.3-8
  • Repository:University of Edinburgh