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Oboe. Nominal pitch: C.

Technical description: Boxwood with silver or silver-plated keys, bell rim, socket and reed-well linings, reed-well surround. The R1 Dtr has a touchpiece in german silver. Simple octave keys. Depressing the lowCkey lowers the R2 and 3 rings and closes the brille. The instrument has no onion shaped baluster but is shaped as a modern instrument. The keys are similar in appearance to those on a modern instrument. The smaller (right-hand) of the two holes on L3 has been metal lined. The bell has been permanently fixed to the lower section. L0: TP: 8. L1: PP. L2: R. L3: TT. L4: G♯: lowB; E♭-dup. R0: sup. R1: T; TP-dup; Dtr. R2: R. R3: R; F. R4: lowC; C♯; E♭. Keymount type: pillars. Keyhead type: cup. Repair History: Probably originally a two-keyed instrument. Most of the mechanism would appear to have been added in 1889 in the 'modernization' process. The attempt to make the reed well cylindrical has not been very successful and the well is still slightly conical with the stop at an uneven depth. There is a filled vent hole in the bell and a filled narrow oblong underneath the E♭key where the original lowC mechanism may have been sited. The two marks above the R0 support indicate that the thumbrest has been moved. The different metal of the R1 Dtr touch indicates this key has been altered or perhaps repaired, it is sited in a very unusual position.

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