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Double flageolet

English double flageolet. African blackwood (grenadilla) with silver keys, nine ivory studs and seven ivory ferrules (one missing). Mouthpiece missing. Left hand and right hand tubes of different lengths. Keys block mounted, most with octagonal flaps and leather pads. Eleven key system, six on right hand tube and five on left hand tube, although three of these are missing. Also two cutter keys on stock and one key on head. Right hand tube in two joints, the lower of which is probably not original as the keys do not have octagonal flaps. Sponge chamber is stamped: SIMPSON/IMPROVED/PATENT; Stock is stamped: SIMPSON/IMPROVED/PATENT/266 REGENT STREET/OXFORD STREET LONDON; The letter C is also stamped on the stock. The left hand tube is stamped: SIMPSON; and also has the note names D, F-natural, D-sharp, C-sharp stamped next to the corresponding keys. The note names B and F-natural appear next to the keys on the upper joint of the right hand tube, and the note names C and B are stamped next to the keys on the lower joint. The lower joint is also stamped: SIMPSON/IMPROVED/PATENT

  • Measurements:overall: 20.2756 x 2.5591 x 2.5591 in.; 515 x 65 x 65 mm