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Double flageolet

English double flageolet. Side blown. Boxwood body, nickel silver plated keywork, and ivory ferrules and mouthpiece. String lapped tenons. One cutter key on right hand head joint. All other keys block mounted with flat octagonal flaps and leather pads. Each tube consists of four joints: head joint, stock, upper joint and lower joint. Right hand upper joint has one key and three tone holes. Right hand lower joint has two keys and three tone holes. Left hand upper joint has two keys and one tone hole. Left hand lower joint has three keys and three tone holes. Inscription on both stock joints incorporating a crest emblem: NEW PATENT/BAINBRIDGE/INVENTOR/35/HOLBORN/HILL/LONDON; Left hand stock is also stamped above key flap: C KEY; Upper joints stamped: BAINBRIDGE; Left hand upper joint also stamped: B; Lower joints stamped: BAINBRIDGE; and: PATENT

  • Measurements:overall: 23.4252 x 2.3622 x 2.3622 in.; 595 x 60 x 60 mm