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Bianzhong with Braided Pattern (Attachment 2) (Bronze bell with studs)

Not very well preserved. The body is broken in many places and has heavy rust. Made of bronze, with an iron black colour and green patina on the surface. This instrument features the common characteristics of a bronze bell with a three-column stud design. The tubular handle (yong) is hollow in the middle, and is connected to the inside of the bell. The mouth (yu) has lips. No tuning marks are found inside the body. The bell has 36 spiral studs. There is a raised collar cast on the handle (yong). The areas (zhuan) between the studs are decorated with braided patterns.

  • Measurements:Total height: 29.5cm, mid-body length: 18.0cm, length of the yong: 9.5cm, diameter of the yong: 2.6cm, horizontal diameter of the wu: 9.6cm, vertical diameter of the wu: 4.7cm, distance between the two sides of the centre of the gu: 5.5cm, thickness of the middle of the gu: 0.4cm, height of each stud: 0.4cm, weight: 0.94kg, length of the xian (broken): 20.3cm