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Pochette, originally combined with a fan; festoon outline. Pegbox, neck, back and ribs constructed from one piece of maple. The front is also of maple, strongly figured, with two-part flame soundholes; darkened but unvarnished. No purfling or inlays. Between the back and a secondary false back there is a slot which once housed a fan; the slot is 8.6mm high and the arched false back 7mm thick. The rib height of the soundbox is 9.4mm and its flat back is 7mm thick. There is a groove on the inner surface of the false back and a hole through the heel of the neck for the sticks of the fan. Ebony wedge and fingerboard; a second wedge of stained ?maple. Pegbox with scroll. Pegs, tailpiece and bridge missing.

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  • Repository:Royal College of Music Museum
  • Measurements:Length: 341mm. Width: 62mm. Depth: 32mm.