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Arched sistrum: richly decorated. On top of the arch is a recumbent cat with three kittens; at the base of the arch is a rectangular opening incompletely closed on top, on either side of which sits a cat. The arch is pierced with three holes, and the three movebale rods are of decreasing length and thickness from top to bottom, with their ends curved back and shaped to represent ducks' heads. Between the arch and the handle is the double Hathor head with curled wig. There are two letral uraei, one with an atef crown, the other with a composite head-dress comprising horns, two plumes, and a sun-disc. The handle is formed by a figure of the god Bes, who stands on an elaborate pedestal and whose head-dress makes a sort of capital beneath the Hathor head. The sistrum has been made in one piece.

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    British Museum
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  • Repository:British Museum