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Neapolitan Mandolin.

Technical description: Bookmatched soundboard of spruce. Oval soundhole, 73.5mm wide, 39mm lengthwise. Purfling of mastic with inlaid mother-of-pearl decoration, surrounded by alternate thin holly and rosewood strips. Pale symmetrical tortoiseshell scratchplate below it. Edging of alternate angled pieces of holly and rosewood, with thin strips of rosewood/maple/rosewood/maple/rosewood inside. Bridge of ebony with ivory saddle. 21 ribs of rosewood with thin maple spacers. The outer ribs are much wider than the others. Very wide rosewood endclasp. Rosewood soundboard edge protectors attached to the edge of the outer ribs. Metal string support at the bass. Neck and head of mahogany, neck with a noticeable Vshape to it. The head is veneered on the edges so that no end grain is visible. Angular machine heads. Fingerboard of rosewood with mother-of-pearl dots at frets 5, 7, 10, and 12. Fingerboard above, and glued to, the soundboard. Neck joins the body at fret10. Neck 28.6mm wide at nut, 38.5mm wide at body join. Neck has '0' fret. Metal bar frets 1.1mm wide. 17frets in total. Repair History: The nut is a modern replacement.

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