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English guitar.

Technical description: Bookmatched soundboard of spruce, the grain generally medium width, getting closer towards the edges. Floating bridge of maple with glued ebony top.Rosehole 58mm diameter, leather. The area around the rosehole has been painted to match for a width of about 6mm. Two pairs of inked lines around the rosehole. One pair of inked lines imitate purfling around the edge of the soundboard. Ivory soundboard protector at the bottom of the instrument. Sides and back of figured maple. The sides join at the bottom. There are ten ivory buttons to hold the strings and an ivory endpin. The maple on the back is bookmatched with a medium light figure. One pair of inked lines act as purfling around the back. The heel, neck and head are of a single piece of beech and flow smoothly from one to the next. Numerous filled worm holes in the neck, probably present at the time the instrument was made. There is an ivory button on the back of the head near the neck. Ten ebony friction pegs, six typically guitar shaped and the remaining four of violin shape. All but two of the guitar shaped pegs have mother-of-pearl buttons on the end. The head ends with a square finial, featuring a parquetry design of maple with ebony corners, a mahogany line, and an eight point star with alternate ebony and mahogany sections surrounding a central mother-of-pearl circle with an engraved floral design. Nut of bone. Stained fruitwood fingerboard, the last two inches of which float above the soundboard. Neck length 188, width at nut 45.5 and at body join 53. The total fingerboard length is 271mm at the edges and 251mm in the centre. There are 15 full width frets and two frets which are in the treble only. There are holes for a capotasto at the lowest 5frets. Repair History: The ebony part of the bridge (and possibly the whole bridge) not original.

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