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Flute. Nominal pitch: C.

Technical description: Stained boxwood; 5 sections; small, slim silver keys; 5 ivory ferrules plus cap; metal-wrapped long pin in screw-stopper; metal-lined head; tuning-slide partly wood-covered, with metal band at upper end; small finger-holes; medium-sized embouchure-hole, slightly irregular rounded rectangle in shape; small, overlapping low C/C♯ touches. Normal 8-keyed fingering system, but with both F keys acting on the same key-hole (an extension from the cross F key curves around the key-hole beneath the long F shank, raising the long F keyhead when the cross F keytouch is depressed. L0: B♭. L1: T. L2: T. L3: T. L4: G♯; long F. R0: T; C. R1: T. R2: T. R3: T; dup F (cross). R4: D♯; low C♯; low C. Keymount type: knob; leaf springs. Keyhead type: flat round (small) Repair History: Embouchure-hole has probably been enlarged; cap, screw-head, long F and C keys, cross F spring, pin and curved extension are replacements; metal band on tuning-slide may be an addition to inhibit crack; modern pads. All these repairs carried out for a previous owner.

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