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Technical description: Sides and wrestplank of beech, soundboard of spruce, baseboard of spruce or pine. Nuts and right-hand bridge of oak, Central bridge of sycamore (?), possibly not original. Brass wires on top of the bridges and nuts, diameter 3.2. The right-hand nut has been raised by gluing a strip of wood height 8 underneath. Bridges not solid, having a 'semi-chess-piece' style with a solid base but gaps between so that the strings can pass through. Hitchpins of machined brass diameter 4.8. Square-headed tuning-pins diameter 7.2. Two sound-holes in the soundboard, each diameter 58. Two soundposts currently supporting soundboard, one near each sound-hole, another (loose) soundpost inside the instrument. Soundboard thickness 8, baseboard thickness 17, sides of instrument 26 thick. Soundboard has cracked on both sides, and the tension of the strings has caused the soundboard to curve under the stress both from side to side, and front to back. 25 courses of strings in total, 12 sets which are for the bass strings, 13 courses divided by the central bridge. Handle attached to the tuning-pin end, formerly at the front. Strap holder at each end, one of which is not original.

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