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Tenor trombone

Technical description: Brass. Flat bell stay loosely pinned at bell pipe end. Tubular slide stays; stay of outer loosely fixed at both ends and itself telescopic. String ring at bell bow. Weight of bell section 313.5g, of inner slide 273g, of outer slide 334.5g. When assembled, the tapered tenon of the slide section is inserted 32.5mm into the tapered socket of the bell section.Bell wall thicknesses:-Axial location - Nearest Halfway Below garland to stay stayDistance from bell 30 240 425Circumferential location relative to seam -close .26 .18 .3390° .29 .22 .34Opposite .28 .23 .3290° .25 .19 .35close .20 .17 .34 [mean .26 .20 .34] Repair History: Sleeved under tear in mouthpipe, 333-367 from mouthpiece receiver end. The slide section is possibly later. The instrument was restored by Gottfried Büchel, Bonn, c1984.

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  • Hornbostel-Sachs category:423.22 Labrosones with slides
  • Repository:University of Edinburgh
  • Measurements:1080; bell section alone 490; bell diameter 102 to 105.