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Square pianoforte.

Technical description: Square pianoforte. Compass 68notes, F₁ - C₇ [FF - c'''']. Height of instrument with lid closed 836. Distance from the floor to the top of the natural touchplates 702. Baseboard of pine. Broadwood type square piano action with hopper dampers and mahogany damper-raising pedal. Spruce soundboard with sycamore bridge. Lime keylevers. Dampers from F₁ - B₅. Double strung throughout, split bridge. Divided pins, F₁ [c*h*e*c*k] - C₆ wrestpins are at the back of the case, with the remainder behind the bridge. Soundboard overhangs the keyboard for the highest twelve notes, keyframe all of one piece. Notes F₁ - G♯₁ have close-wound covered strings, A₁ - A₂ brass strings, B♭₂ - C₇ iron strings. Red cloth wound through the strings behind the bridge to reduce unwanted resonances, same red cloth glued on the hitchpin/wrestpin rail on the soundboard. Prop-stick on the right-hand side. Music desk attached to the inside of lid on the keywell flap. Backpinned from F₁ - D₃. Ivory naturals, ebony accidentals, sycamore keyfronts, natural headlength 44, accidental headlength 80. Three-octave span 488. String lengths and striking points; F₁ 1459 (131), C₂ 1319 (139), F₂ 1180 (127), C₃ 1085 (98), F₃ 862 (80), C₄ 599 (53), F₄ 453 (41), C₅ 298 (32), F₅ 224 (24), C₆ 144 (12), F₆ 112 (11), C₇ 75 (7).

  • Measurements:1690