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Technical description: Unfretted clavichord. 61notes F₁ - F₆ (FF - f'''). Two sets of 8-ft strings, with a third set of 4-ft string (F₁-B₂). The note name is written beside each alternate tuning pin, with the gauge numbers for each note beside the second pin. String lengths: F₆ 103, C₆ 140, F₅ 211, C₅ 285, F₄ 426, C₄ 569, F₃ 838, C₃ 1023, F₂ 1215, C₂ 1323, F₁ 1473. Repair History: The present stand is not original and probably dates from the early part of the twentieth century. Restrung by John Raymond in 1998.

  • Measurements:1730