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Highland bagpipes, Nominal pitch: B♭.,

Set of Highland bagpipes by John Cameron of Dundee (c.1801-1850), chanter with 3 keys (2 removed and holes plugged, inscribed plate: 'R Millar / Fofar Regt.', Technical description: Set of Highland bagpipes, full size, with chanter, blowpipe, mouthpiece, bass and tenor drones, stocks. Cocus with ivory ferrules, tops and sole.Chanter: chanter with 3keys (2 removed and holes plugged with wood). Seven finger-holes and one thumb-hole. Ivory bulb at throat is turned with decorative, ink-stained lines. Surviving key mounted on wood blocks with pin. Silver key with square head with leather pad between the fifth and sixth finger-holes. Ivory sole. Chanter stock: silver escutcheon with engraving. Ivory receiving ferrule.Blowpipe/mouthpiece: original mouthpiece on blowpipe. Bass Drone: three sections; green ribbon wrapped around top section. One band of combing on the second section was either poorly executed or filed down.Tenor drone1: two sections.Tenor drone2: two sections.Measurements: chanter length 375, conical bore beginning at 4.0. and ending at 21.0; bass drone length c765, bore at top 14.7; tenor drones length c350, bore at top 14.7. Repair History: The ferrule on second section of tenor drone2 is probably a replacement: it is the only ferrule with only one decorative line, all others having two. Cracks on the bass drone stock and the second section have been repaired with wood filler.