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Serpent, 5 keys, Nominal pitch: C.

Technical description: Wooden body covered in black leather; brass crook, crook receiver liner, crook receiver mount, bell mount, stays and keys; ivory finger-hole bushes. The crook is bent to an angle of c70°. The brass crook receiver liner on the body of the instrument extends 53mm into the wood; when fully inserted the crook extends beyond this some 36mm. The keys are all closed-standing. L1: 1st finger-hole; 1st key (numbered from the mouthpiece receiver); 2nd key. L2: 2nd finger-hole. L3: 3rd finger-hole. R0: 5th key; 6th key., R1: 6th finger-hole., R2: 5th finger-hole., R3: 4th finger-hole. R4: 3rd key. Keymount type: saddles, SATK. Keyhead type: flat round. Repair History: The crook may have been shortened at the mouthpiece receiver. The fourth finger-hole has had a brass sleeve inserted inside the ivory bush. The body has been re-leathered, probably by Christopher Monk.

  • Measurements:height 725; bell 109.