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Technical description: boxwood; 4 sections; silver keys; 4 [bone] ferrules; [ivory] cap with boxwood inlay; small oval embouchure-hole; medium-sized finger-holes; G♯ key-hole is on the player's side, with the shank set horizontally across the instrument; F key-hole is on the side away from the player; slim, elegant instrument.; Nominal pitch: C.; Type or system: 4 keys.; Keyhead type: saltspoon.; Keymount type: knob.; Usable pitch: A₄ c|459|Hz.; Performance characteristics: range D₄|-|B♭₆; plays with a clear, bright sound especially in the top register, where it speaks easily up to B♭₆.

  • Measurements:Overall size: 599.; Sounding length: 524.; Bore: conical.