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Straight natural trumpet.

Technical description: Brass; with garland and ball, the ball sleeve extending from 260mm to 183mm from the bell end. In three sections with two ferrule-covered joints; demountable at second joint: the tenon and socket joint can act as a tuning-slide. The socket is on the bell section. The bell and garland are pierced near the rim as if for wire attachment to a bow.; Nominal pitch: 4½-ft B?.; ; ; ; ; Usable pitch: Probably built for use at circa A?=|440|Hz.;

  • Measurements:Overall size: 1362; bell 114.; Sounding length: 1362.; Bore: mouthpipe at c|10mm from mouthpiece receiver (minimum bore) 11.1; tuning-slide from 680mm to 789mm from mouthpiece receiver, bore 10.95; at c|250mm from bell end, 16.0; at 14mm from bell end, 69.2.B|=|0.78.Bell cutoff |1500|Hz.Dia of mouthpiece receiver: m.r.t. 11.15 - 11.1 over 10mm.