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Lamellaphone, also known as mbira in Zimbabwe, made with a wooden resonator carved out of a single piece of wood in a bell-shaped format, with raised edges and seventeen lamellas made of iron alloy. The pressure bar and the bridge are also made of iron alloy, and are attached to the resonator with metal wire. The backrest is made of a wooden strip. On the top of the resonator there is a panel made of iron alloy sheet, onto which are attached buttons and small pieces of the same sheet for rattling effect. The panel and its accessories are attached with metal wire. There are two pieces of knotted fabric attached to the ends of the pressure bar, and a small strap of purple string is looped around one of these. Although this instrument can be played as it is, it can also be paired with a large extra gourd resonator.

  • Measurements:Height: 205mm; Width: 165mm; Depth: 55mm