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Piano accordion

This is an Italian vintage, double-action, chromatic piano accordion with a 34-key treble keyboard for the right-hand, and 80 button bass keys for the left-hand. The instrument's case veneer and the white-keys are made of blue celluloid and pearloid colours. The fretwork/grille, black keys/buttons and the frame binding/trim are made of plastic material as well. The bellows are fourteen-fold, covered in white paper with black strip and have metal corners. There are two shoulder straps, a hand strap on the bass side, and a bellows strap on top, all made of leather.

  • Culture:
  • Period:
  • Materials:
  • Specific materials/techniques:
  • Decorative elements:Besides the eye-catching celluloid veneer, the grille and the name lettering have inlaid rhinestones.
  • Inscriptions:
  • Hornbostel-Sachs category:412.132 Sets of free reeds
  • Repository:National Museum of the Royal Navy
  • Measurements:Length: 410mm; Width: 395mm; Depth: 205mm