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Frame drum; tambourine

Salvation Army timbrel, tambourine, single membrane frame drum.Shallow, cylindrical wooden frame painted dark blue outside and red inside. The skin is nailed to upper rim with slightly domed, round headed tacks, which are arranged in a line on the outer surface immediately beneath the rim. 18 holes cut into the frame. One, a thumbhole, is circular and is separated from the others, which are elongated and are arranged in two rows. All but one of these houses a pair of circular brass jingles, which have a raised ridge around the rim and pivot on a central metal pin. Directly opposite the thumbhole is an elongated hole without jingles, drilled with two small central holes for a pin, probably for the attachment of coloured ribbons. Inscribed in black ink on the underside of the membrane: 'E A Cobb/998 corps/Salvation Army/Newark'.

  • Measurements:overall: 60 x 295 mm