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Patent portable piano, also known as yacht piano

Small upright piano without legs called 'Portable Piano'. Five octaves chromatic, C-c4. One pedal for raising the dampers. Wooden case adorned with two brass sconces and candle holders, one on either side of the integral music desk. The music desk, hinged to the upper edge of the front of the case, can be folded away under the lid flap. The keyboard, projecting when in use, can be folded upwards into a recess in the case, yielding a smooth front surface to facilitate transport. The instrument would have stood on a stand or table with an aperture allowing the pedal linkage to be connected to the damper raising mechanism located just within the instrument's case and accessed through a hole in the bottom boards. Also referred to, erroneously, as a yacht piano due to this compact model's popularity aboard ships. Inscribed on the nameboard 'J.B. Cramer & Co./Patent Portable Piano'.

  • Measurements:overall: 660 mm x 1120 mm x 495 mm 73.65 kg