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Violin without sides

Technical description: Soundboard of spruce; back, neck and head of sycamore; fingerboard and tailpiece of ebony; pegs of boxwood; endpin of sycamore(?). Festooned shaped body without any ribs. One piece soundboard, crudely cut f-holes. Painted purfling and decoration. Much evidence of use, the varnish has worn away in a number of places. One piece back, covered by a poor quality opaque varnish which conceals much of the grain. The endpin is attached to the back, about 12mm from the bottom. V joint between the head and the body, made by a separate piece of wood which is let into the neck then set into the body. It takes part of the body contour, and is very well fitted to the body but nailed to the neck. The neck and head are crudely made, the neck is 145 long; the fingerboard 255 long, 21.9 wide at the nut, 33.5 wide at the bottom. Head has a scroll shape in side view, but no depth carving. Fingerboard has been wedged as a baroque violin. No bass bar, but has soundpost. Repair History: Repair on the back of rosewood, about 3 inches long.

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